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Why Every Startup Needs Mentors for Entrepreneurial Success

Although many entrepreneurs wouldn’t like to admit it, there’s a lot of ego involved in a successful startup. To invest in a business idea requires a high level of confidence – a belief that things can be achieved based off the knowledge and passion of what is usually just a single person.

In some cases, things go well, and entrepreneurs leverage their skills and business ideas to create successful companies. Some of the largest companies in the world, like Amazon and Facebook, were started from small ideas and a handful of talented people. However, for every successful startup, there are nine others that never make it past the stages of infancy.

Startups face several financial and operational challenges, and sometimes that’s because entrepreneurs try to run things without external input. Business mentors can make the difference between a failed company and a successful startup that goes on to achieve growth and longevity in its marketplace. Mentors can bring real business experience, case studies, and warnings for new entrepreneurs.

Objectivity matters in business, and so does experience. Startup mentors can be the key difference between success and failure, and no entrepreneur should overlook the benefits of having one.