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What does MVP has to do in Startup?

Way back in 1957, Ford Motors faced one if its toughest product failures when new model “Edsel” was released at a premium price. The Americans at that point were looking for small-sized and economic models instead, which caused ‘Edsel’ to exit from the market in 1960. HP touchpad is another fine example of product failure. Launched in 2009, it was knocked off the store shelves in a matter of 49 days, since people felt that it had no differentiated feature and worked similar to other tablets available in marketplace. These companies had spent a fortune on the product development, design, marketing and launch. Not to forget the man hours and time spent that culminated into ‘nothing’.

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community & social design & technology research & innovation

How to analyse competition and prepare for them

Do we need to discuss why competition analysis is important?

I think answer is a clear “NO”. If you are reading this article that proves you understand the need of the topic. If you don’t analyse your competition, that can be the last mistake you can do as an entrepreneur. “But” (it’s the favourite word of an entrepreneur)…..   I have a unique product and there is no competition for that. Why should I be worried about competition analysis?

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Ideate Product Design

Design Thinking in Innovation

As per common belief, the term “design” is associated with a products’ aesthetics appearance. However, in modern times, the main objective of design meant encouraging the well-being in people’s lives. From an organizational perspective, Design Thinking went on to mean ways to resolve problems in more innovative ways.

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Are You a Thought Leader? Leverage Your Skills as a Business Mentor

Making the decision to become a business mentor can allow you to leverage your skills and experience to help drive success in startups and small businesses. The benefits are vast and can be applied to your own career and the career of any protégé under your mentorship. Helping entrepreneurs to succeed can even benefit the local community and wider economy.

If you’re a thought leader but are yet to apply your skills as a mentor, then the following reasons will help you to understand why becoming a mentor could be one of the best decisions that you make.

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